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Braintracks for MP3 player, Ipod and Iphone

Audiostrobe-albums in MP3 formaat downloaden

Je kan nu ook Audiostrobe-albums in MP3 formaat beluisteren en bestellen.

Every Mp3 Album on in our store is ready to be viewed with the AudioStrobe MindExplorer.

We have developed the MindExplorer to make music visible through light, resulting in great visual effects.

This way we can produce stunning synesthetic symphonies for eye and ear, intensifeing the effect and atmosphere of the music dramatically.

All our music is capable to be played from any CD-player, MP3-player or I-pod and I-phone.

Reaching from chill-out to energizing music, from concentration to meditation, therapy and training right up to just entertaining.

Speciale Aanbieding : 10 CD titels in MP3 op USB-3 van 16 GB à 49.50 €
Er is daarop nog 14 GB vrij voor eigen bestanden. (bvb voor Kasina)

10 Titels AudioStrobe op USB-3 Stick 16GB

10 Titels AudioStrobe op USB-3 Stick 16GB (USB Audiostrobe) Brain Machine Brain Scan Concentration Deep Sleep Eternal Elements 1 Eternal Elements 2 Intergr...
49,50 EUR
(incl. 21% BTW)


10 Titels AudioStrobe op USB-3 Stick 16GB
Audiostrobe Cd's van Tamaslab voor je Photosonix Mind Machine of Brainmachine Photosonix NovaPro100 en Innerpulse --- Micro Beat Mini --- Psio Mind Booster --- Dekoder met LED bril