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Nieuw : Compassion van Peter Smith

Audiostrobe CD - Compassion van Peter Smith

Compassion van Peter Smith

Let the author speak himself for his work: The CD Compassion starts with Whaling, an homage to those lovely beings in the oceans, who are still singing their moving songs the whales. The CD continues with Rebirth very relaxing sounds of (among others) choir, flute and a little bird: a wren. The next song, Grace, is rather different, starting with intriguing synth-sounds and some rhythm, with nice melodies following. In Compassion you will find a lot of different atmospheres, with overtones, mouth-harp and choir, some rhythm, thunderstorm and rain, and a beautiful theme at the end. Peace starts full of expectation, fulfilled by the calming sounds of flowing water, nice arpeggios and a peaceful melody; a feminine calling is answered by uplifting themes. In the last song, Reunion, there are several powerful parts as well as softer ones, with appealing sounds from nature: melting ice, dolphins, gulls. For me, the CD as a whole expresses our hope and sincere belief that feeling compassion for ourselves, our fellow-man, our other fellow-creatures and our planet as a whole soon will replace our deep-rooted habit of thinking of profit.
Peter Smith

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